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2 questions

hi Everybody!!
I haven't posted in ages, things have been going
pretty well for a while.

One question in about aponegeton(?) I have 3 in my
tank, bought as bulbs in the LFS. All three are
different, one is a cripus, one is a ulvaceus, and the
third is a rigidifolius. I think! I am going by
pictures on the Tropica website.
The uvaceus and the rigidifolius have flowers a few
times in the past couple of months. Some seedlings
have sprouted up around the tank.
Now both plants look sick! leaves are thin and pale,
and are dying back, New leaves coming in are pathetic
and usually end up dying back.
Any suggestions? more fert? light? 
Everything else in there is doing alright so far.
Crypts are loving it!

2nd queestions--- brown algae in my 55 goldie tank??
it is covering everything, quickly! H20 changes, new
media, test are the same as the always been. This tank
has always ahd problems. any suggestions?

Tanks a Lot!!!

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