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Re: DIY CO2 Vs Fizz Factory


I have never used the Fizz Factory but can tell you that the DIY yeast
bottle can definetly produce a lot of CO2, it will depend on the
concentration of the mix you prepare. I find that with my single CO2 soda
bottle on a 55 gallon tank produces a little too much than I need for the
first week, after that the level starts to drop and I can let all the CO2
enter the tank (either by mixing it better or lowering the air stone
deeper). I usually make a new bottle every 3 weeks or just under, as soon as
I see my PH rise over 6.8 I know it's time. How long does the Fizz Factory
work before a refil is needed? Perhaps this could be a big plus for the Fizz
Factory if it lasts longer. Also, is the Fizz Facrtory electric? If so then
you can connect it to the light timer so that it's only producing CO2 when
it's needed. I'm sticking with the DIY until I move to bottled CO2.


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Present financial condition prohibit my purchasing a co2 tank system.
Can one get enough CO2 using yeast generators? What would it take to
equal a Jungle Fizz Factory.

I'd appreciate a reply to brenner at apk_net as well as informing the list.