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Re: Plant fertilizers

I used flourish every other week (with water changes), and flourish iron at 
least weekly, and also when the tank "looks like" it needs it (too 
yellowish in fast-growing plants). I've recently started dosing KNO3 too 
which has helped a lot with some things so I was right about having a 
potassium deficiancy. If you have flourish potassium (or maybe it is 
flourish WITH potassium now?) you might try that too.

There is a whole lot of info on fertilizers and other trace element stuff 
on the The Krib at http://www.thekrib.com.


>I have a 75 gallon fresh water tank, its co2 injected, 2 watts per gallon
>lighting, laterite in my gravel, dupla heating cables, half r.o. water and
>half tap water. my question is what other fertilizers should I use? I just
>use flourish now, but would it help to use tropica master grow or any other
>fertilizers? Thank

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