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Tap Water Parameters

Due to a corrupted file on my hard drive, I had to re-visit the local Water
Treatment web site to obtain the figures for Toronto tap water. While I was
there, I noticed that they have historic data as well as current numbers
available. I downloaded all of the files and then put the numbers into a
spreadsheet. Very interesting. You can see how some parameters change with
the seasons (not greatly, but there is a definate seasonal change) and how
some normally minor components of the water supply can vary by as much as 6X
over the course of the year. Having the historic data available also gives
me a better idea of what to expect as well as the magnitude of the likely
changes at different times of year.

I'd recommend that anyone interested in what comes out of your tap (and goes
into your aquarium) try and get historic information from your local
utility. If they don't make this information available, they SHOULD - your
tax dollars pay for the tests.

James Purchase