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Starting a new tank

Some basic information about the tank im planning to buy, 100x50x40
45 gal. The water here is 8 pH, I cant tell you more, I dont have any other 
test kits yet.

I want to plant Elocharis acicularis (dwarf hairgrass)in the front and 
elocaris vivipara(larger hairgrass) in the back and I want to add 
Cryptocoryne species. Nothing more.

I was thingking of a lot of light, the hairgrass has to make a thick carpet. 
Adding CO2. Adding nutritions.
Only I never had a tank with a lot of light so I have never added any 
nutritions before. What should I add ?

Does anyone have some experience with hairgrass? I think the tank will get a 
lot of algae so I have a fierce battle on my hands.

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