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James was writing about his experience with mailed Mangroves:

<< If anyone else is thinking of trying mangroves, I guess you should just be
 patient and don't give up on them too quickly. >>

Floating Mangrove seeds can gain a foothold in the worst of conditions -- a 
crack in a concrete breakwater will do -- and eventually establish enough of 
a root system to rise above whatever conditions fate and the tides have 
deposited it in. All they really need is access to some kind of water.  Folks 
here in Florida find they make excellent Bonsai specimens thanks to their 
ability to survive with almost no soil.

But, all this talk of Mangroves reminds me that I owe somebody a few seeds 
myself. I think someone sent me postage, money, etc. last year and due to a 
situation at home I lost their address. If that person is following this 
Mangrove post, contact me off list and I'll either send back your $5.00 or 
send you some seedling, as you prefer, along with my apologies and a few 
other goodies.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach