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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #421


When were you at the market? Last time I was there it had shrunk due to the 
recession and poor economy. But, I hear it's picking up again. Thailand is 
going through another boom cycle and people are spending money again. That's 
good for business and speaking of bettas there are nore species that have 
been discovered recently. More new plants as well!

What say we organise a trip there. The people in Pakistan, Singapore, Japan, 
Malaysia and Indonesia won't have to spend much to get there and a few 
enterprising sorts like Tom Barr et al can pack their nets, galoshes, 
snorkels and elephant/rhino/snake and mosquito repellant and get in some 
collecting on the Mekong River.

>Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 11:30:11 -0500
>From: kyle at onebox_com
>Subject: RE: Bangkok
>I've spent a lot of time in Thailand but I didn't get seriously into 
>aquaria until after I got back from my last trip a few months ago (i.e. I 
>don't know specific good shops per se).  But I would very strongly 
>recommend checking out the Chatuchak (sometimes spelled with J's instead of 
>C's) weekend market.  This is a HUGE covered outdoor market (reputibly the 
>largest in the world, I'd believe it!) which sells just about anything you 
>could imagine.  For your purposes they have a big animals section with a 
>lot of fish dealers.  I'm sure a number of them have aquatic plants.  I'll 
>bet they have a better fish and plant selection than almost anywhere in the 
>USA (of course your in Pakistan so that probably doesn't mean much), very 
>likely to have things that haven't made it to the market in Europe or the 
>US.  I'm basing this on the time I've spent going through the terrestrial 
>plants section and reptile section finding really rare or choice plants and 
>I know you are mostly interested in plants, but the thing that I remember 
>best about the fish market is finding several small stalls selling Bettas.  
>Not the run of the mill kind you get in fish stores everywhere else in the 
>world, its row after row of the really fancy types (you name the color and 
>shape and they have it!) that are so coveted by Betta hobbiests.  That's 
>where Bettas originate (Thailand is the new name of Siam for those who 
>don't know), and if you check Aquabid the majority of fancy Bettas are 
>being sold by Thai companies so I guess it makes sense!
>Everyone in Thailand knows Chatuchak (Bankok residents do much of their 
>shopping there) and its in every guidebook.  So if you want to take a taxi 
>there he will know exactly where to go (by the way, all taxi's in Bangkok 
>are metered, don't let them try to negotiate the price, insist on the 
>meter).  Alternatively, get on the Skytrain light rail system and take the 
>line that goes to Mo Chit station, get off there, cross the road, go down 
>to the street, turn left and walk about 2-3 blocks and you can't miss it (I 
>promise!).  There are only 2 skytrain lines and Mo Chit is the last stop 
>for one of them (meaning its on the sign at every station and you don't 
>have to worry about missing your stop) so there is virtually no chance of 
>getting lost.  Unfortunately once you get to Chatuchak you essentially 
>enter a giant maze and may have to wander until you find it (if you are 
>really lucky you may find a Thai that speaks some english there but don't 
>count on it).
>One last point, the normal days the entire market is open is Saturday and 
>Sunday.  BUT... I know that they have an animal specific day during the 
>week (less crowded, best selection).  I'm not sure what day it is though 
>(regular plants are Wednesday but aquarium plants will be with the fish so 
>its whatever day that is).
>Hope it helps!
>- -Kyle

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