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RE Light Manufacturing -- Hydroponic source of nutrients

In In the Aquatic Plants Digest for Monday, November 4
2002, Volume 05 : Number 421

I misstyped "Litemanu.com" as "liteman.com"

Sorry folks.

The correct instructions should have read:

I too have found Litemanu.com to be a reliable source
of chems that work on plants (Mono-Potassium Phosphate
$4.20/lb, Potassium Nitrate-$2.35/lb, and Potassium
Sulfate-$5/lb).  The minimal shipping costs can easily
exceed the materials cost, and a pound lasts a long time.

Go to litemanu.com, select "Buy Now", select "Nutrients",
select "Chemicals", then page down to your choice(s) of

Scott H.

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