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SAEs and C. moehmanniii

>I've found a plant that either ottos or siamese aglea eaters actually
>like to eat.  One of the two is making hole-punch sized holes in my
>Cryptocoryne moehlmannii specimens!  When they get done with a
>leaf it looks like a piece of green swiss cheese.This is one of my
>favorite Crypts.  They've never bothered any other species of Crypt.
>or other plants.  I know it is one of them due to having C.
>moehmanniii in two different tanks and the only common fish are
>these guys.  Ray

It's your SAEs. I have moehmanniii and SAEs and I have the same problem.
although lately my algae has gotten worse and they seem to be leaving the
moehmanniii  alone.

       Gerry Skau

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