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Re: Fishless cycling

I have to agree with Tom as far as speed is concerned, nothing beats some
good old mulm, gravel or dirty sponge from an established filter. Between
fish and fishless cycling, the last one is a little more humane but I would
disagree if the tank in question is planted. Plants are probably the next
best thing after Tom's mulm or other bacteria "infested" item. When I first
setup my tank I didn't know any fishkeepers and didn't trust the conditions
of my private lfs (for good reasons!) where I bought the tank for a good
price, at the same time I did approach a well known lfs chain and they guy
(head of the fish department) told me he was not able to do this for me. I
asked for a dirty sponge but he said that they clean them and never throw
them out so that was another no. No big deal, I wasn't in a big rush and I
knew I was going to go with a planted tank so I didn't worry too much over
it. I bought some plants, didn't rinse them, threw them in the tank which I
had filled the day before along with 11 mollies/platties and the tank was
cycled in just under 2 weeks without any fish loss nor big ammonia/nitrite
spikes. I now have a small Duetto running in the main tank which I use to
start off smaller tanks, I just move it to the new tank and wait until the
new filter is cycled and then place it back in the main tank, works for me.

Giancarlo Podio