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re:Buying KNO3 - stump remover

There is another option for KNO3 (and other chemicals) besides a pharmacy or 
stump remover, which is a hydroponics place. I have used KNO3 from 
www.litemanu.com and it is a fine, slightly off-white powder which dissolves 
instantly and leaves no residue.

I have also used Flourish Nitrogen and Flourish Phosphate. I saw no 
difference between using the Flourish Phosphate and using KH2PO4 (also from 
www.litemanu.com). I did see a reduction in a brownish algae which was 
especially noticeable on fine-leaved plants when I switched from using the 
KNO3 to Flourish Nitrogen. My plan is to continue to purchase the Flourish N 
(when it is available in the distribution channels!), but go back to using 


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