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Re: Algae issues/green dust

Do you have something along the lines of what's been called "Green Dust"?
Namely grows on the glass and grow back almost as fast as you wipe it off?
Doesn't really grow on the plant much etc?

If so, I believe it to be a zoospore green that can reattach back after
being scrubbed off.

That's how it comes back so dang fast. I have no samples so I'm not sure
what it is, but I've heard of algae that do this.

But after you scrub, do a water change then run a micron filter/diatom type
filter or run a UV. These will remove those zoospores before they reattach.

So you can sort treat it something like Green water. But I think it's easier
to get rid of than GW.
As with GW, nutrient levels don't matter much except with the possibility of
inducement. Not quite sure.

I did try to inoculate a tank once with some fresh zoospores but I think the
transition was too much for them. Perhaps they needed a slow acclimation:)

I'm still looking for a sample of Green water, Green dust etc. The thicker,
the better.   

Tom Barr