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Re: lighting

I wouldn't throw it out, I have a 10000K along with two 6700K bulbs and am
happy with it. I like the cooler tones but I wouldn't use a 10000K on it's
own. That's a lot of light!

Giancarlo Podio

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I currently have a 30 gallon long that I have planted with African water
lillies, Anubias Nana, Java Fern, some Vals and various crypts. For lighting
I have a JBJ Hood that can hold two 96 watt compact flourescents and I use
DIY C02. Right now, I only have one 10,000 kelvin bulb and the light stands
over the open aquarium on feet. I want to trim the stem bunch plants in my
and move the clippings into the 30 gallon. Do you think it would be better
I bought a glass hood to place on the tank and set the light directly on it.
I plan to get a 6400 kelvin bulb for it to go with the bulb I already have.
Should i buy two 6400 kelvin bulbs and chuch the 10,000 k bulb?