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Re: Fishless Cycling

Tom Barr said:
>Go get a bucket, get a gravel vacuum, go over to the LFS, your friend's
>place etc and vacuum out some mulm from the gravel.
>Add the mulm to your filter or to your gravel bed.
>There you go, a cycled tank.

Actually Tom, I ran across an old post of yours that described using 
mulm as mentioned in your post. My fishless cycle wasn't going 
anywhere, despite the fact that I had seeded with gravel and a filter 
cartridge from an established tank. I added mulm and that did the 
trick almost overnight. I think there's alot to be said for mulm. My 
son recently became interested in the hobby and I had him use mulm 
instead of fishless cycling. It worked out very well.

I guess this makes me a mulmist :)

JoAnn - Brrrrr...it's cold and icy in southern Colorado tonight.

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