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Re: Purchasing at Graingers

tomwood2 at tomwood2 at flash_net wrote:

> If you have WORD or any equivalent word processor, or even if you don't, you
> can make fake business cards that will get you past the 'business only'
> roadblock at Graingers.

I don't recall running into any difficulty when I opened an acct with
Graingers as a sole proprietor. I dont have business cards or stationery
either. I think all I did was fill out an online application, which asked
for my name, address, etc, what kind of business I run (sole proprietor,
partnership, corp, etc), and then accept terms of registration. Voila,
instant Graingers account.

While it's not my line of work, I would think anyone could start a
professional aquatic landscape design business in mere minutes. ;)

Dan Dixon