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FW: Re: Eheim sizing

> Some discussion about this subject did occur in the
> past, but I am unable to find the answer in a search.
> I want to size a Eheim Pro II filter with heater 
> (2126 or 2128) for a 75 gal tank. I like the idea of
> more filter space in the larger canister.  Is it 
> overkill?  The stand has 22" clearance from the 
> bottom or shelf of the base cabinet to the
> horizontal member supporting the tank.  Will this be
> sufficient space to use the larger filter?  Eheim
> lists the filter as being 17.9" tall and I imagine
> that some clearance is needed to manage the hoses?
> Any wisdom about choosing filter media is 
> appreciated as well.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jay Reeves

Hi I have one 2028 Pro2 for my 72G BowFront with 28"
cabinet stand.  My LONG BABBLE (I'm not an Eheim rep
& not associated with any stores, just a very happy
Eheim customer):

1) With the "auto-valve" & 2 hoses, it stands just
over 19", so you need a min 20" clearance.  At 22"
you will have just enough room to comfortably
disconnect the hoses & lift the filter out during
maintenance.  Also, if anyone is curious, Eheim manual
says the max height from top of water level to base of
the filter is 180cm (6 ft), meaning it probably can't
pump water any higher.
2) Scott is right.  Looking at my Eheim manual, every
part# (including impeller, etc) is the same between
2x26 & 2x28, except 2x28 obviously has a taller shell
& extra filter basket.  Notice for 2126/2128, the
heater is rated at 180W/210W respectively.

see http://www.eheim.com/pro2.htm

3) IMHO I think the 2028/2128 is rated at 158G because
it can handle a higher bioload due to an extra filter
basket, not because of the slightly higher listed GPH.

4) The 2026/2028 is good for fresh & salt water.  The
2126/2128 has one version each for fresh OR salt
water.  Make sure you get the correct one.  I did not
get the 2128 because a) I wanted the flexibility to
switch between fresh/saltwater in the future, b) I
didn't think built-in heating was worth paying US$100
more (the diff is apparently less now), c) Not sure if
210W is enough for heating my 72G in winter (room temp
is 60-65F), and d) One less thing to go wrong, I am
very happy with my US$18 250W Ebo-Jager.

5) My 2028 "Plus Kit" costed US$199.99 at Big Al's, and
came with the barebone 2028 (with 1 blue coarse/1 white
fine filter pad but no media) box, a box of 3 carbon
filter pads which I only used 4 weeks during cycling,
2 boxes EHFIMECH (mechanical), 4 boxes EHFISUBSTRAT 
(biological).  I believe this is the recommended setup
for normal use & am quite happy with it, although I
have nothing to compare to.  I have also seen a 2028
packaging with media already included in the big box,
but don't remember the details.

6) I don't think my 2028 is overkill for my 72G, and
especially true since I over stock, over feed, and am
lazy on maintenance (water change 1/mth, and filter
cleaning every FOUR months).  It handles the bioload
without any problems.  Although initially, I did turn
my Bow Front into a mini-whirlpool because I had my
spray bar facing the curved front.  I imagine in a
normal rectangular tank the water stream would bounce
back & cancel itself out.  Repositioning the spray bar
and planting two taller specimens near it solved the

BTW my 72G has: 2 goldmarble angels, 3 pearl gouramis,
3 gold/7 german rams, 6 corys, 5 otos, 1 SAE, 26 neon
tetras, 10 other tetras.  All full grown.

Hope this helps,

Anthony Law
Vancouver, BC, Canada
where tap water is extremely soft (<1dH GH/KH)