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Re: How to increase brightness of your AHS light kits at no cost

George Booth gave such an excellent description of how to
increase the brightness of lights -- and it works for lots
of kinds lights, not just AHS -- that I won't repeat it

I just want to add what a Navy weapons technical officer
told me once when I asked him why the missile defense
system didn't protect a certain ship from an missile.  "No
one checked for the correct orientation of the Oh-EfEf
Oh-En configuration interface."  This has gotta be number
two on the list of things to check when things go wrong.

Number one, as George said, and as any TV repair person
knows, is checking the "the repositionable linear
electrical access accessory" and "the high voltage power

Scott H. 
Who is afraid that he is going to learn the Windows XP
registry by heart, the hard way.

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