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Re: AP GH/KH kit -- or mincing degrees

Cavan asked another nice question about the titration color
tests for GH & KH:

> If the start color for one of
> the tests is blue and the end color yellow, may I
> assume that if I add a drop and it turns green that it
> is a half degree (ex: 7.5 dGH instead of 7 or 8)?  If
> another drop is added, it turns to the final color.

Yes and no.  Yes, it's a about a half unit off.  But don't
overestimate the accuracy of these tests.  Did you have
precisely the right amount of sample?  Were all the drops
the same size?  

You can double the sample size and then read the each drop
as one half unit instead of one full unit if you want an
increase in accuracy.  But overall, I wouldn't ever assume
that the final result is better than about 1/2 drop off,
plus or minus.  Which should be fine for most planted
aquarium purposes.

Scott H.

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