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Re: can't turn off co2

Cavan said:

> Yep!  Another problem!  I tried to turn off my co2 by
> turning the main dial at the top of my bottle to the
> off position . . .It just doesn't turn off.  At
> all.  ?  

If the continued bubbling is not the CO2 still in the
regulator and tubing, and still under pressure under it
drains (and it could take a little while to all drain),
then you have a faulty seal in the bottle valve.

The fault could be due to something stuck between the valve
seal and the valve seat, a worn valve seal and/or seat, or
some contaminant on the threads that prevents the valve
from being turned in all the way closed.  In any of these
cases, you can can fix the valve by disassembling it,
replacing the valve, regrinding the valve seat if it isn't
smooth, and while you're at it, replace the stem seal.  Or
just buy a new valve.  

*****Whatever you do****** DON'T try removing the valve
unless the tank has been emptied and the valve is open (to
ensure that the tank is not under pressure).  Never work on
tanks while under pressure.

If you're using a standard tank such as welders use, you
might get a new valve at a hardware store, but it might be
special order for a CGA-320 valve.  You'll have better luck
at a welding supply shop.

Hope your luck turns better,
Scott H.

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