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Re: Buying KNO3

Chuck H. wrote:
 > You could also just go to Walmart and get some Greenlight stump
 > remover. Greenlight has verified that it's just KNO3. It's not pharm.
 > grade, but it is relatively pure. I've been using it for around 2
 > years  now. Never had a problem with it. I found it on the aisle with
 > weed  killers. It's in a white plastic bottle with a yellow cap. I
 > think I  paid about $4US for 16oz.

I'm a little leery of Greenlight Stump Remover as a source of KNO3. I 
started out with a 500g bottle of ACS grade KNO3 from the local 
university's chemical stockroom. The laboratory KNO3 was pretty much 
white like rock salt. When dissolved in water, the solution was 
completely clear with no precipitate. Greenlight Stump Remover is not 
white, and when dissolved in water it is very cloudy with this 
gelatinous stuff floating around. What's all that extra junk?

Jerry Baker