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Cheap gravel? "quickcreet all-purpose gravel"

I'm getting ready to set up a 70 gal, and I've been looking at gravel.  It
would be reidiculously expensive to order gravel from any of the online
sources I've found.  In the past, I've used tex-blast with great success.
Its small, smooth, and doesn't mess with the chemistry.  Recently I noticed
some "Quickcreet all-purpose gravel" at the local home store.  Its a darker
color than the tex-blast, which I like, but its a far larger array of sized
and shaped.  Seems to be about .5mm-8mm in size, with a few larger pieces.
Some are sharp quartz like, others are smooth river-rock like.  Interesting
mixture.  Any way, its amazingly cheap at $3.50/50lbs bag, so I grabbed a
bag to test.  I have a small amount in a jar with RO water and I'm waiting
to see what it does to the water chemistry.  I figure I'll test gh, kh, and
ph.  Any ideas what to look for or of this is a good/bad idea?  Anyone ever
use this stuff?