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Re: Anyone use a Philips Agro-lite plant light?

Victor wrote:

>I want to set up a spare 10 gallons but the hood has a dual 18 inch T-8
>fixture.  The problems is if I want to get Daylight bulbs (5000K-6500K) but
>then I'd have to pay $$$ for 'special' aquarium bulbs from a mail order
>place.  I really don't want to spend the extra money on retrofitting the
>lighting since it's just going to be a spare tank for extra plants.
>The only T-8 18 inch 15 watt bulbs I could find are the normal Cool whites
>(4100K), warm white (3000K) and the Philips Agro-lite for a reasonable

Can you not find 18" GE Sunshine (Chroma 50) lamps up there, 
Victor?  They're fairly common in places like Home Depot, Walmart, etc. 
here in the States.  They're reasonably priced, too.  I've been using them 
in double strips over a couple of 10 gallon tanks for quite awhile and they 
work well for this size tank...good light level, good spectrum, and a nice 

The other lamps will work, but you may not be able to grow all the plants 
you want (unless you add more bulbs), and you may not like the color 
much.  Appearance-wise, I don't care much for anything under 5000K that 
I've seen.  Admittedly, I haven't tried a wide variety of 18" lamps, though.

Good luck in your search.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee