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CO2 systems

Cameron <cameron at ccase_net> asks about "one stop shopping" for CO2 
systems.  I purchased a setup from Dave Gomberg (http://www.wcf.com/) for 
my 29 gallon tank in July of this year.  This is a high pressure system, 
with an in-tank diffusor.  I also purchased the needle valve option.  The 
kit came with all the tubing and connectors required.  All I needed to add 
was a tank, and wrench big enough to fit the coupling nut.

I found the system very easy to set up and adjust.  Once adjusted, I 
haven't had to tinker much at all with it.  The diffusor does need some 
maintenance from time to time, as the ceramic disc can become clogged with 
algae or calcium deposits.  I've had no problem getting good CO2 levels in 
my KH 5 water.  I bought this system because I wanted something simple (no 
plumbing etc. with an external reactor), and I wanted all the parts to fit 
out of the box.  For me, the system fit the bill and I'm pleased with it.