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Re: co2 purchase & Kasselman book

I am very happy with the regulator/diffuser setups I got from Dave Gomberg
().  Just a few e-mails back and forth to be sure I had the right parts,
phoned in my credit card, and promptly got the parts and clear directions
for setup.

Three 29G tanks, one 5# CO2 tank, and it's been 4-5 months since all was
setup.....and I've only had to adjust the needle valves to individual tanks
after the occasional diffuser disk cleaning.  After adding PMDD daily
dosing, I am trying to figure out what to do with the trimmings from the
loach n' endler tank, the goldfish tank has still got some algae but my
Aponogeton has bloomed, and the brackish tank plants are hanging on despite
the salt.

I've finally got my copy of Kasselman:  I could wish for a few things that
I like elsewhere, for example, tropica's site includes notes on plants that
are not eaten by herbivorous fish (helpful with my goldfish fiends); also
they seem a bit more systematic about light requirements, temperature
tolerances, and hardiness than Kasselman, but of course they don't
carry/cover as many plants, and the site is not portable to take with me to
the aquarium store.....  I will keep the tepoot book, but will likely give
the other slighter plant books I've got to a friend who is someday soon
going to start a planted tank.  The Kasselman is a keeper.

Diane Brown