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Re: Pinpoint monitor

Adam Shaw wrote:

"What you are seeing is quite normal. If you are only
getting a
fluctuation between 6.50 and 6.53 why worry?" 

It's not that I'm concerned with having the precision
of the instrument be that great, it's that I'm not
sure when the gradual upward fluctuation is going to

Scott Heiber wrote:

"Just curious about your lights, whose ballast are you
using, are the power wires wrapped with a ground wire
which is also connected to the refelctor and the
ballast casing?"

One is an AH Supply ballast and the other is a
Sylvania System 32IS running some Zoomeds.  As far as
I know the ballasts are grounded, but a wire isn't
wrapped around the power cord.  The Pinpoint guy said
something about an AF choke, but that's a big square
thing that won't fit the wire at all.  

"The Pinpoints are a bit slow, but I find them
reasonably priced, and consistent.  Usually, when I
calibrate each month, I find that the setting is
pretty much okay without adjustment."

The readings I get can vary pretty widely from one
time to another, even in the same day.  And I'm not
talking about normal daily PH fluctuation.  I don't
yet feel very confident about mine.  I also have the
Lamotte narrow range PH kit, but the 6.6 block is so
pale it's hard to make much out of it.  For all I know
the PH is either 6.5 or 6.7.  Maybe it's my eyes....  

Someone told me off list that his works better with a
9 volt battery instead of the AC adapter, so that's
worth a shot.  That and re-calibration.  

Thanks, Cavan  

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