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Cyanobacteria, doxycycline and azolla

Kyle Williams said:

'If people think Azolla could contribute to
 outbreaks of cyanobacteria then I'll probably get rid of it.'

I believe the cyanobacteria can live on their own without the symbiotic relationship. But it's not a matter of what people think. If I were you, and being a botanist, probably having a microscope, I would carry out some simple experiments to see for myself whether Azolla releases cyanobacteria into the water. If you have some results please let us know.

Using antibiotics in aquariums is dangerous in that the normal filtration flora is killed with the potential of releasing toxins into the water, apart from messing up the natural nutrient cycles taking place. Have you tried natural predators such as snails or tadpoles before taking drastic action?

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