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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #413

> Subject: Cyanobacteria, doxycycline and azolla

Im not sure if I should admit to this or not...but I had a shot of blue green 
algae. Yes, I drank some, in a liquid form. Why? well, I'll tell ya..I went 
to a health food store in search of some loose leaf tea. On my way to check 
out, a vendor had a booth set up. He was selling, and giving samples of a 
miracle product, a panacea of all health tonics. (Im not making this up) It's 
chief benefit (supposedly) was increased oxygen in the bloodstream. This lead 
to heightened energy, mental acuity. The vendor explained that it was 
actually a cyanobacteria from Lake Mambasa (or something like that) world 
renowned for its purity. 

I know you are wondering. It tasted exactly like you would think it does. No 
simple shot of water would wash that away. It took all of a twisty cone to 
get rid of that. 

So next time you are looking at the blue green slimey........

For Heaven's sake..

Nuke the hell out of it.


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