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Moss confusion and how some people really make me mad

> Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 09:25:04 -0700
> From: Rhonda Wilson <gupp at naturalaquariums_com>
> Subject: Fronds, leaves? moss structure
> I was just looking at a new photo of the Christmas tree moss that Loh
> L sent me, and it came to me that I'm probably talking about a
> part of the structure, which may be where some of the confusion has
> from. Looking at the picture I can see that the whole shape of the
> is triangular, where I was looking at the tiny individual leaflike
> structures that grow on the stem. 

Hi, Rhonda,

Don't get worried by the subject heading.  It isn't you who's making me

I was surfing around the internet just now looking for pictures when I
stumbled onto this website by a fellow Singaporean.  On his website, he
"stole" one of my pictures and copyrighted it as his own.  You know, I
would have gladly given him permission to use my pictures and I wouldn't
even insist that he gives me credit for them.  All he had to do was ask.
But I guess some people don't even have that sort of common courtesy.  

Anyway, on his website, you will be able to see many pictures of
different mosses.  On his own pictures, you can tell that the christmas
moss aren't growing very well as the triangular shapes of the fronds
aren't very obvious.  I don't like to boast but in the picture he stole
from me, the triangular shapes are very distinct.

Please take a look at:


The picture which belongs to me is captioned as "Xmas moss wall" on his
website.  He cropped my picture to make it look different.  Here's the
original one on my website:


Loh K L