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Eheim diffusor

I hooked up a new Eheim diffusor because I was never
able to completely stop the 2222 from running dry and
because it would gurgle lots of big bubbles pretty
frequently.  I would like to avoid wasting so much
co2.  One issue: along with the mist of fine bubbles
are a stream of larger ones.  As far as I know I
assembled it properly.  Pressure is set to 15.
Most bubbles get blown around the tank by the spray
bar but a few make it to the top.  I'm guessing that's
still a lot better than before.  I don't want to
damage the filter anyway.

One other thing.  It makes noise.  It's a high pitched
whine.  Not particularly loud, but I wonder if it
bothers the fish.  

Thanks, Cavan

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