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Re: prepping aquarium water

Bill wrote "BTW, if you put a heater in the barrel you can
bring the change water up to
the tank temperature before dumping it in your tank. You can
minimize the
stress on your tank inhabitants that way.


An added advantage is no stress on the aquarist.  In some
cases several parameters are being adjusted and the volume
of the change, as recomended on this list, is sometimes as
high as 50%.  I use a barrel - add dechlorinator, adjust
temperature, and add baking soda then change 50% without
incident.  Perhaps I could reduce the % of volume changed
and use a Python to make it easier?  Our trap water contains
Chlorine residual combined = NH2CL 3.0 to 4.4 ppm and
Chloride = Cl 15.5 to 24.0 ppm.  Do those parameters
indicate that I could be a candidate for a Python? Perhaps
reducing the volume changed would decrease risk of shock
with the Python.

Jay Reeves