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Problems with Fluval 304

Hello Folks:
   I am desperate!  I have a Fluval 304 and replaced
the impeller.  No matter what I do the new impeller
makes a clattering sound when the pump is running.  So
I ordered a new cover plate and a new yellow thing
with a new ceramic center post on it and the whole
assembly slides down into the the hole where the
impeller goes.  It still clatters with all new parts.
There are no more new parts that go into this area and
affect the impeller operation. I have tried to observe
what causes the clattering and knocking sound and
trimed back any plastic protrusions That might affect
the impellers spinning.  I can find or see no reason
for the continuing problem.  Help!!  It has to be
something very simple.  There is just not alot to the
water impeller assembly.

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