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RE:Is there any Australians out there?

Yes there are quite a few of us around. I'm in Brisbane. Probably the best 
club/society for Australian plant growers is ANGFA at 
http://www.angfa.org.au/index.html (embarrassingly I haven't subscribed 
yet. It's on my Christmas list Bruce, Truly.) Also if you're interested in 
natives the Society for Growing Australian Plants 
http://www.austplants-nsw.org.au/ has specialist sub-groups for researching 
and growing specific plants or plant types. I know the QLD group has an 
aquatic plants group. I dunno about NSW but if you join and it doesn't 
already have one you could start it yourself. These special research groups 
have extra access to the society's seed bank so it could be very 
interesting and rewarding.

 >Is there any Australian subscribers to this list? I am based in Sydney 
and looking for information >on clubs, societies and/or contacting 
individuals who are interested in planted tanks etc.
 >I can't be the only person in Australia who appears to spend all their 
time thinking about algae, >substrates and needle valves!
 >Paul C.
 >PS: Thanks to all contributors out there for the invaluable information 
(and occasional amusement) >that I have gleaned from this list.