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Re:Sword Rot

I asked the exact same question just the other day on the Aqua Botanic 
forum here http://www.aquabotanic.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=1323 and got 
some great advice. If you haven't been to this site yet you'll love it lots 
of good friendly advice. The main point with swords seems to be substrate 
fertilization especially with Iron (yellowing leaves is sometimes a symptom 
of Fe deficiency). Good luck.

 >I have a community tank that is moderately planted and stocked. Recently my
 >swords have had leaves turn yellow and rot off slowly. These are the
 >outside leaves and it looks like they are dissolving. Light levels are fine
 >and my crypts and wisteria are going strong. I have been doing battle with
 >some tenacious "green bush algae" as well. Anyone have any ideas what could
 >be causing this?