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So, what do people think about Kasselmann?

I can't be the only one who has been pouring over the new Kasselmann book (I
haven't really put it down for long since it arrived in the mail the other
day....). What do people think of it???

James Purchase

P.S. - Not that you've asked for my opinion, but if you're subscribed to
this list and you like planted aquariums, you really owe it to yourself to
get this book. Not only should it put an end to most plant ID queries, but
the amount of detailed cultural information, on EVERY plant, is amazing and
ought to help everyone be more successful aquatic gardeners. Don't be put
off by a high sticker price - Krieger has put out a volume that is very well
produced, nicely printed and bound. This book won't fall apart after you
read it a few times, and if you have a copy, you WILL read it more than a
few times.

Somebody pinch me, I think I'm in heaven...

Now Dave G., about her book on Echinodorus.....how can we persuade the
publisher to translate it into English as well???