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Re: co2 purchase

Cameron's looking for a one stop shop for all his CO2 needs.

Try Custom Aquatic, Cameron.  I have never been less than totally satisfied 
in my dealings with them, and they have competitive pricing.  Here's a link 
to their CO2 stuff:


I can personally recommend the Aqualine-Buschke regulator.  It's got a 
preset output pressure (@1.5 bar or ~21 psig) and an integrated needle 
valve.  Very little tinkering is required with this reg.  And, of course, 
it looks cool which is the most important thing!  Also, AB has a complete 
setup available (everything but the bottle).  I think it runs around 
$160.  You might want to check it out.

Solenoid valves are nice and will save you some gas, but they aren't really 
necessary.  You can always add one later if you decide you want one.  Also, 
go with a 20lb bottle if you can.  It'll go a good ways between refills.

Happy hunting!
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee