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co2 purchase

This has come up probably once a month for the last few years, but as 
things change, companies come and go, price raise or lower, etc. etc. 
I'd like to ask again for a co2 system recommendation.  What I need is 
a pressurized system for a standard sized 55 gallon aquarium that has 
java moss, xmas moss, java fern, acicularis, riccia, blyxa, rotala 
macranda, various crypts, najas, anubias, micranthemum, lysimachia, and 
a few others, but the blyxa is probably the largest in terms of mass 
(sorry for any misspellings or typos).  Lights are currently 40 w t-12, 
but by the time I get the co2 system (1 or 2 weeks) they will probably 
be 4x55 power compacts.  Fish are neons, rummy nose, apistogramma 
atuhualpa, pygmy cories, if it matters.  Substrate is onyx sand, and I 
don't PMDD, I just use the Seachem Flourish line according to their 
directions mostly, and adjusted where needed.  I've looked at M3, but 
their little message about late orders makes me worry I won't get it in 
a reasonable time.  I've also looked at hydrologix.com, and I can get 
the external reactor there as well, but I'm not really sure if this is 
the way to go.  I've had it with DIY (no more PMDD, I am abandoning the 
home-made hood with DIY t-12 ballasts and wiring).  I don't want to buy 
a regulator here, hoses there, needle valve at the hardware store, and 
tank locally.  I understand that the tank will have to come locally, 
but I would like some suggestions on where I should consider getting 
everything else, in as few places as I can (if the regulator, needle 
valve, and hoses are one place, and the reactor somewhere else, that's 
ok).  Also, I really like the external reactors.  If a solenoid is 
really highly recommended, that's something I'll consider.  So, has 
anyone a suggestion or two as to where I might do a one-stop-shop for 
all my co2 needs?  First hand experience helpful, but hearsay is better 
than nothing.

Thanks in advance,