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Re: Eheim sizing

 Jay Reeves said:

> Some discussion about this subject did occur in the
> but I am unable to find the answer in a search.  I
> to
> size a Eheim Pro II filter with heater (2126 or 2128)
> a
> 75 gal tank. I like the idea of more filter space in
> larger canister.  Is it overkill?  The stand has
> clearance from the bottom or shelf of the base cabinet
> the horizontal member supporting the tank.  Will this
> sufficient space to use the larger filter?  Eheim
> the
> filter as being 17.9" tall and I imagine that some
> clearance
> is needed to manage the hoses?  Any wisdom about
> filter media is appreciated as well.
Re sizing, the main diff between the 2026/2126 and the
2028/2128 is the size of the media chamber.  The same pump
is on both sizes of filters.  Although Eheim states that
the 2x28 has a higher flow rate, that is not likely since
it has the same pump and motor as the 2x26 but must pull
the water through a taller column of media.  When pressed
repeatedly, Eheim finally said that the diff in stated flow
rates was due to diffs in how they were accounting for
tolerances (whatever that might really mean).

On the older 2226 and 2228, the output hose was smaller
diameter than the input hose although the same combination
was used on both the 2226 and the 2228.  On the later
models, 2026/2126, 2028/2128, the larger diameter hose is
used on the output as well as the input.

So don't expect lower flow rates with the smaller filter
(perhaps even higher rates).  But you get more media with
the larger filter.

Scott H.

So the main diff is that you have more media in the 2x28

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