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Green spot algae and staghorn algae

I spent awhile doing some ID work this afternoon.

Staghorn is NOT Entromorpha after all.

The beast's name is: Compsopogon coeruleus.
It's red alga. We found places where it had losyt it's chloroplast and you
could see the distinctive red color.
If you only look at the tips of the branches you cannot figure out really
what it is. 

Green Spot algae very interesting. It goes back to the old diploid
controversy in a 1905 paper by a USA fellow studying in Germany and he wrote
the paper proving that this alga did have a diploid stage.
Under the scope it is very nice to look at. Looks  a bit like a green pizza.

This beast's name: Choleochaete orbicularis

Some may notice the name as it applies to plant evolution as one of the
suspects that gave rise to the vascular plants.
Also happens to be a rather tough one to get rid of.

Prescott's book has these in there.

Now those Green Water algae, they are about 3 micron's across from the
samples I've found.
Now I think it's a bit rough trying to ID these under a light scope so we
will concentrate a sample and run the Electron microscope and get a positive
ID, hopefully on these damn tiny little round green things((TLRGT's).

The Oscillitoria is what I had thought all along.

I'm interested to see about the Green water. We have a great Electron lab to
work with so this will not pose a problem.

Tom Barr