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Re: Adjusting and Dosing DIY CO2

If you plan on giving it a go, keep an eye on the rubber washer as some will
break down due to the CO2. I'm now using a home made rubber washer cut from
the rubber seal used in coke bottle caps (made to withstand CO2).

Here's a link to a picture of the valve I'm currently using (not to scale):

Giancarlo Podio

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Giancarlo Podio wrote:
>The method I use today is a single valve to limit the flow and a pressure
>release valve to let the CO2 out when pressure builds up. I'm sure you can
>find pressure release valves somewhere out there that would be suited for
>this purpose. I built mine out of brass on a lathe and mill and made it
>adjustable. It's actually a real easy thing to make, I'm sure one could
>it easily out of square brass rod without using a mill but would probably
>have to glue the tube to either end if you don't have access to a lathe.
>Another idea I wanted to try and never got around to it was to place a T on
>the air tube and place a very high density air stone or similar which would
>provide enough resistance to still send the CO2 into the tank but would
>let some escape as the pressure rose.

This is a really cool DIY-project! Thank you for your description!