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moving an aquarium - thanks

Hi All,

Thanks for all the responses on moving my aquarium.  There has been lots of 
good advice.  As suggested, I think I will invest in an ice chest (well 
insulated) to put the fish in, and an inverter to power a small heater for 
the drive (as well as a battery powered airstone).  I think I'll drill a 
couple of small holes in the top for ventilation.

I had neglected to mention a part of my plan which was to build a 
plywood/2x4 base to move the tank full of gravel/plants on.  I was going to 
elevate this base next to the tank stand, then slide the tank onto 
it.  Many strong friends would then help load/unload it from the truck, 
lifting the wood base, so that the gravel weight wouldn't stress the tank 

HOWEVER, I think I have been convinced that it will be better to empty the 
tank of plants and gravel.  The tank will be unstressed and the plants can 
be packaged better.  Perhaps I will put the plants in a second ice chest 
with additional insulation around it.

Once again, thanks for all the good advice.

Mark Gilmore