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Re: Catching fish/moving a tank

I've used clove oil (eugenol) to anesthetize fish, and I read about someone
using that to mildly sedate his whole tank of fish prior to catching them
for a move--it made it very easy on him and the fish.  I haven't tried this
for routinely catching fish because I'm not usually breaking down the tanks
when I just need to move someone tank-to-tank, but for moving it sounds
like a great idea.  The thread was from the Loaches Online list--but I
can't find it easily now (it doesn't have as good a search/index feature
for older material as does the APD archives).  From a koi site (koivet.com)
I got dosing recommendations of 40-100mg/mL for anesthesia for procedures,
with 4 times that suggested for euthanasia by deliberate overdose; I might
start about with a tenth of the anesthesia dose an d work up from there to
take the edge off and let you catch the buggers.  Or maybe someone else on
APD can chime in who has used eugenol for this purpose before.

Diane Brown in St. Louis