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Re: Compact Fluorescents-Screw in

I'm running 55 watts of PCF (5500K) over two 20H tanks and both grow 
cabomba carolinia at a *very* high rate. I don't think you need 84 watts to 
do it. I have noticed that the combomba seems to like a lot of iron though 
and I can see the difference in growth if I don't add iron for a few weeks 
and then add some as an expieriment.


> > The plants won't care if the lamps are 3000K or 5000K. Most people would
> > agree that 5000K will look better and eliminate the yellow cast. You need
> > pretty big CF lamps to provide enough light to grow Cabomba. The 10 gallon
> > tank needs about 2 x 26 watt cfs. The 20 gallon tank needs 2 x 42 watt

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