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Re:Question about lighting

This is a never ending topic and I'm sure you'll get a very detailed 5 page
reply from some so I'll try to give you a 5 word reply, well perhaps a
couple more....

I think if one is to speak in watts then you must add the suffix indicating
what kind of lighting you are referring to. As you stated, 100W of
Flourescent lighting is very different than 100W of incadescent, and again
different from 100W of other types of lighting including the now popular
compact flourescents. Lumens would bring everything under the same scale but
this is yet to become a standard and is at times difficult to get lumen
information on bulbs (keep in mind lumens may differ for same bulbs made by
different companies or having different spectrums etc.). I think it's safe
to assume that when someone just says they have 120W over their tank they
are speaking flourescent. Anything else is usually specified. Also when you
read WPG (watts per gallon) without any other indication it is also usually
referring to flourescent.

Giancarlo Podio


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I'm a bit confused about lighting.  I know that florescent bulbs supposedly
give out as much light as an incandescent using less electricity.  Say a 20
watt fluorescent gives off the equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent (I have
no idea if this is close).  Which wattage do you use when figuring how many
watts are shining on your tank?