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Re: Board with MDF? and Finished with Paint

tom wood

> Now that you mention it, the paint guys said the same
> thing. So it was
> probably a mistake on my part to do that. In any case,
> MDF can be used in an
> aquaria application. And boy is it heavy!

Heavy is good in this case, although the stand's weight can
hardly have much effect on the center of gravity for the
tank/stand combiniation ;-)

Actually, I was trying to point out the aspects, suggesting
that the latex on the stand wasn't a mistake -- it would be
more of an issue with regular pboard.  

It's good, as a general rule to "paint" both the inside and
the out, because this helps to keep the moisture content
changes, due to humidity changes, the on both sides of the
boards -- and that means less tendency to warp.  What, MDF
warp?  Sure.  Even plexiglass and similar acrylics warps if
the exposure to mositure is sharply uneven.  :-\

In any case, you just don't want to leave water sitting
directly on the stand for prolonged periods.  But we never
do that, do we?  ;-)

Scott H. 

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