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Re: Dying cories

Philippe Lemaire seems to suspect my K dosing.

> 1.  What do you mean by a "capful" ?
>         How many ml of what (K2SO4) in which concentration (40 gr./l)

The directions on the stuff says that a capful is 1 tsp or 5 ml. The
fertilizer says it's "0-0-3". The last number is for K, but I forget what
it means... Further down the label says "Soluble Potash (K2O): 3%".

It's marketed for aquariums, and I'm at about 1/3 of the recommended
weekly dosage so I *assumed* (not always a safe thing to do, I know) that
it was probably OK.

> 2. Once you can answer 1. you have the amount of PPM you add every
> 3.  How much water change ?
>         If you change half of the water you can go up to twice the PPM
> computed above !
>         If you change a fourth, four times !!
>         If you change a tenth, TEN times !!!!!!

I change a different amount each week, depending on how bad the tank
looks/how tired a feel.

No, I'm NOT intentionally trying to make this harder...

> 4.  Clearly staining on the glass shows too much of dissolved things in
> tank...

The only thing staining my glass is green spot algae (and some spill
marks on the outside...).


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