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Re: Dying cories!


1.  What do you mean by a "capful" ?
        How many ml of what (K2SO4) in which concentration (40 gr./l) ???
2. Once you can answer 1. you have the amount of PPM you add every week...
3.  How much water change ?
        If you change half of the water you can go up to twice the PPM computed above !
        If you change a fourth, four times !!
        If you change a tenth, TEN times !!!!!!
4.  Clearly staining on the glass shows too much of dissolved things in the tank...
5.  LaMotte makes a test kit.



| Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 10:38:43 -0700
| From: jgarden2000 at juno_com
| Subject: Re: Re: Dying cories!
| > More than 200 mg/l of K+ ?
| > 
| > Philippe
| I don't have a potassium test kit. I was adding one "capful" each week
| (in a 40-gallon tank) after each water change. (If I don't, my Java fern
| starts to turn yellow.) Do I need to track down a test kit? (The only
| test kits I have are for NH3, NO4, and pH...)
| William