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Re: Compact Fluorescents-Screw in

Hi Kyle,

I have been using a screw in compact fluorescent on my small tank for nearly 
two years now. First a warm white on a two gallon betta hex then a 5500K 
daylight by Philip on a five gallon and now for a couple weeks a 6500K bulb 
I found at Home Depot. They have been used in a desk lamp with a cased glass 
shade, very poor reflector I am sure. They work fine! I have grown frogbit, 
java fern, Christmas moss, rotala rotundifolia, anubius nana, C. petchii, C. 
pondifolia [sp], wisteria and marselia under them. I put a sprig of myrio in 
there and it did grow a little but didn't flourish, just as well.

The 6500K bulb is very attractive and cost only $8, the daylight Philips 
cost twice as much and I didn't like the color as much although it was a big 
improvement on the warm white -betta was red under WW and blue on red under 
5500K, fish never seen under the 6500K bulb. It was in a bubble pack, I 
threw the packing away and don't remember the manufacturers name- definitely 
not GE or Philips or Lights of America. Light is bright and cool, the fish 
and plants look great. Go for the higher K, worth it. If you can get to a 
Home Depot, see if you can find them.

My five gallon with one nineteen watt 6500K looks nicer and brighter than 
the ten gallon lit with two fifteen watt 5500K bulbs. Okay, one of those 
bulbs is two years old now!

My original WW is now in a lamp in the livingroom and the 5500K is in the 
kitchen. All my old fluorescent bulbs are taking up room in the garage. 
These things make sense to me, I can reuse my experimental bulbs and cannot 
reuse the regular fluorescents.

Kathy in southern California


I've got a couple of questions about screw-in CF lights that I'm
hoping someone can help me with as there is next to nothing on
the web about them (and not much that I could find in the AP
Anyway, I found a website called buylighting.com (the most
direct way to the screw in CF page is:
then click on the "CFL screw-in" link under compact
They sell
screw-in CF's in daylight spectrum (5100k) in a range of
My questions are:
1.  Anyone try daylight spectrum screw-ins?  And if so how are
they working out?  Do you think its worth switching out the warm
lights for the daylights?  Will they give off less of a yellow

2.  Has anyone bought from Buylighting.com before?  Would you
recommend it?  Are there other companies you would recommend if
this one has problems?


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