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Re: NO3 uptake rates

Maybe the prblem is my English level.-
    I only tryed to clear the apparent paradox posted by David Kyser 

    When I said N is secuestred by the biomass I wanted to  explain  the bigest part of N plant uptake is IN the tank, IN the plants you leave, in its rizomes roots and leafs, and not only on the part  you are trimming. (The plants, fishes and microfauna, they  not have the same weigth the day you set-up your tank or after one year)  

    In a tank with a deep substrate is a lot of space for denitrifcation, everyone of us can constate ours sustrates bubbling, and these bubbles are mainly N2. More space is available in every mature biofilm, even in very  oxigen rich waters.-

    The lost of N by denitrification,  (I,m remembering because at home I do not have bibligraphy) should be more or less 50%, 

    Best Regards
    Antonio Trias


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