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buffering problems (re: re: po4 buffers)

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Buffering problems? Tell more here.

The problem to which I was referring is this: I've
been using a phosphate buffer because my tap's 8.0, KH
4. I've been using it the last couple of months and
everything's been okay, not even a problematic algae
outbreak. But the other day I noticed my fish acting
stressed and the pH was below 6.5 (Tetra test-- not
exactly the 6.5 color but not the 6.0!). And my
usually stable 4 KH was 2.5. I don't inject CO2-- I
use Flourish Excel for a carbon source (because of
space, time, money, lack of knowhow). The Flourish
wouldn't lower PH, would it? So are the plants
utilizing the carbon to the point that it's lowering
KH (I've read some can do this)? Thanks for your time
and info-- I'll try the baking soda thing to get it up
a little more. But excepting CO2, what's the "best"
way to get my tap back down to a livable pH? 
Erin Poythress  

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