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Re: heater size/configuration

>heater cranked to full. I get no orange onlight to indicate heating, but
>still it is giving off some heat to keep it at 80.  I would like to be able
>to go to 82F as discus might be in the offing.  I hope I can get a
>suggestion on current market best heaters and weather it would be smart to
>go with one large one of X watts or two smaller ones of X/2 watts. The
>aquarium is 6ft long and average height and width. Blair

I have had good luck with the Visitherm heaters. I've used the 200 watt 
units and only had one fail after some 10 years or so. Both of the others 
are going strong. I've used lots of the smaller size units too. There are 
always the Ebo Jagers which have a reputation for reliability but a price 
to match. I've been thinking about trying one of the "silica glass" heaters 
in the foster/smith catalog on a large tank but haven't ordered one yet. 
Not sure if I want to have one 500 watt unit or a pair of 300s. I'm leaning 
towards the pair of 300 watt units since then if one fails I still have a 
second to at least keep some heat in the tank. Most of the heating in my 
largest tanks is from undergravel cables so the heaters are mostly their 
for supplemental heat when the room gets cold.

Depending on the temperature swings in the room where your 100 gallon is 
you might not be able to maintain high enough temperatures with a single 
300 watt heater. If you put in a second heater, put one at each end of the 
tank to help to balance the temperature in the tank, and then do the usual 
place "put the heater in the filter flow" etc... stuff.


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